What Is Colic, Causes Of Colic

Read about the possible causes and treatment of colic, although it is very difficult for you and your baby, it lasts for three to four months.

What Is Colic?

Colic 1 is a term that is interpreted as a baby crying a lot, it becomes impossible to silence the baby, according to experts, there is a difference in the term, and sometimes Colic is called the “principle of three”. Also called. I.e. crying three times a day, or crying at least three times a week, or crying for three weeks; this crying usually begins in the second week after birth, and either ends in the second month or ends in the third or fourth month of life.

Some children with colic seem to be in a lot of pain, stiffening their arms and arms and legs. Tighten your arms and legs and stiffen your body. Feels like his stomach is swollen and tight.

Causes of Colic

Although colic was first defined in ancient Greece, the reason remains unknown. Some scholars believe that children do not have colic due to a specific condition. Rather, it is an extreme form of infantile crying, which occurs in the first few months of life, but some believe that more crying indicates physical health and strength. Some experts believe that there are multiple causes of colic.

There is evidence that the difference in crying is for the completion of the child’s brain. Not from the digestive system. There is no evidence of social psychology, such as poor parental care, in very rare cases, in less than 5% of cases. There is some evidence that the mother’s smoking also causes the baby to cry.

The reality of Colic

It is estimated that the proportion of colic children is very high, but five to twenty-five percent of children fall into this range.

Afternoon or evening is the time to give more.

Any child can have colic, but that doesn’t mean your child has a problem.

Doctors believe that this process is an essential part of the development of some children. In three or four months, colic becomes. If your baby cries a lot. To see a doctor to make sure he doesn’t have any other health problems.

Colic is a nuisance for parents. If you are tired or anxious, hand the baby over to someone else for a while, if there is no help, leave the baby for a while or leave it in another room. Take a break and rest, your baby. There is nothing wrong with crying, but if he cries too much and is not quiet, try to hug him.

Colic Babies Grow Normally.

The problem of colic is common among those who drink breast milk or those who drink bottle milk. If you are breastfeeding, do not stop breastfeeding.

Lifting and Caressing Can Help

No evidence was found that the drugs affected colic in children.

What to do if your baby is crying a lot.

Contact your doctor if your baby cries too often and is not quiet. This way you will be reassured that the baby has no health problems. The doctor will tell you that the baby will stop crying more. Of course, it is a difficult thing that you are working hard to keep your baby quiet. But your doctor is unable to give you any medicine.

What to Look For When Treating Colic

It may also be helpful to consult a breastfeeding specialist. So that it can be reassured that there is no problem with breast milk. If the baby is hungry for milk. Adjust supplies, try to make your baby happy, as you have done in the past, breastfeed, cuddle, sing, and talk. In some cases, this method is also helpful.

What modern research suggests about the treatment of colic.

It has been observed that if dairy products, eggs, wheat, and nuts, etc. are removed from the hook of breastfeeding mothers, it also gives relief to the colic.

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