Get a Healthy Life by Practicing Yoga

It is very important to maintain your health and fitness with age. There is also a very simple way to avoid health hazards. Her name is Yu Ga. In recent years, scientific research has shown that this method of physical and psychological exercise, namely yoga, has many positive effects on human health, this exercise also helps to improve the performance of the limbs.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word, which means to overcome and unite. (Union) Yoga is used for physical exercises and breathing exercises to stay healthy. Yoga is growing in popularity worldwide due to its many useful properties.

Heart Health

Yoga exercises can be helpful in keeping the heart rate normal.

Experts say that people who have to take medication to keep their heart rate normal can reduce their medication through yoga.


Through yoga, one can not only be physically fit but also mentally and emotionally balanced personality.

Weight loss

Physical abilities can be highlighted through daily yoga exercises, weight loss can be achieved quickly by taking proper diet along with yoga.

Get rid of fatigue

A few minutes of daily exercise is the best way to get rid of mental and physical fatigue. Yoga exercises reduce stress and make a person calm.


Life is a combination of body, mind, and soul, just as any irregularity of the body affects the mind, so too the discomfort or restlessness of the mind affects the body and causes insomnia.

Practicing yoga gives strength to the body, special breathing techniques and meditation practice reduces stress and leads to restful sleep.


The following must be considered and practiced before beginning yoga exercises. The place where these exercises are to be done should be clean and airy, do not use candles or outposts. These exercises are done by laying carpets, rugs, and sheets on a hard and smooth place. Clothes should be loose fitted and not warm during exercise. Light warm clothes can be used in winter.

All exercises should be done on an empty stomach or before breakfast in the morning. After half an hour of exercise, a good diet such as fresh fruit juice and milk can be drunk. If you don’t get a chance in the morning, do these exercises three to four hours after meals. But only once in twenty-four hours.

Before starting all the exercises, you should do a few light jumping, running, or warm-up exercises to speed up the blood circulation and keep the body slightly warm.

A Few Basic Exercises

Below are the details of a few basic exercises. If these warm-up exercises are done with full attention, confidence, and dedication, then useful results will come out gradually.

Neck Rotation

Stand up straight with both legs together. Bend the head as low as possible above the neck, keeping the body from the neck down. The way the clock hand moves slowly, from head to neck. Move to the circle. Now do the same for the other side, i.e. if the neck was rotated to the right then repeat the same process to the left?

Complete ten cycles, in the same way, giving a minute break in between. Lift the head up and take a long, deep breath through the nose and exhale through the mouth. After taking two or four breaths, lower your head slightly again so that its inclination does not affect the body.

Waist Rotation

Stand upright with a distance of about one to one and a half feet between the two legs, and hold the palms of both hands by twisting both sides of the waist in such a way that the toes of both hands are facing the waist. While the thumbs of both hands make their grip on the front side of the body.

Now keep the knees of both legs straight and the upper body slightly in the same position, rotating the middle body i.e. waist and abdomen in a circle in a clockwise direction. Now complete ten cycles in the same way according to the first condition. This exercise warms up the lumbar spine and spinal cord well, it improves physical flexibility and nervous communication.

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